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Friday, October 30, 2020

The following changes will occur on Friday, October 30.

ChangeSuggested Alternative
Link bundle will no longer be hosted at the Link bundle at
Pinwheel global object will no longer be an event emitter— i.e., you can not subscribe to events using Pinwheel.on.Use the onEvent callback.
Pinwheel.init will no longer be available to initialize Link.Use
The onFailure callback will no longer be available.Use onExit or onEvent callbacks. Read more about these callbacks here.
The POST /v1/link/tokens endpoint will no longer be available.Use POST /v1/link_tokens.
The unique_user_id param for the token creation endpoint will no longer be accepted.-
The GET /v1/platforms endpoint will no longer return platforms that are employer specific platforms.It will only return pure platforms (generic payroll providers such as ADP, Gusto, etc.)