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As an alternative to integrating Link directly into your application, you can dynamically generate unique short-lived URLs to share with your users. When your user visits a generated URL, they are routed to a Pinwheel-hosted single page web application where they can interact with Link. You can generate a URL using this endpoint.


All redirects from Pinwheel are appended with the following query params:

  • success - True if the job was successfully completed, False otherwise.
  • timestamp - Unix timestamp of when the redirect occurred.
  • signature - Signature of the URL generated using the HMAC-SHA256 function.
  • token_id - UUID of the token that was used

In order to verify the origin and authenticity of the redirect URL, your server can verify the signature using your API secret

msg=token_id + success + timestamp
hmac_sha256(key=api_secret, msg=redirect_url) == signature